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a real retro head-turner

Carice cars

A real retro head-turner

The new experience

Carice MKI

We are busy with anything and everything, all the time. When you get into your Carice, you escape and for a moment you forget about the everyday hassle. You just relax and enjoy the drive. Whether you are the one driving the Carice or the passenger being driven around, it will be hard to hide that smile. The MK1 is a piece of art, just for you to enjoy.

why A Carice

The ultimate freedom

The result of years of hard work and dedication is the striking Carice MK1: it is the ultimate car to enjoy that sunny day in style and to enjoy your drive and unwind.

All electric

The Carice MK1 is fully electric and has no emissions. This car is built to be fun for everybody – not just the driver. It is our mission to combine 21st-century technology with the look and feel of the cars of the past.

The essence

If you just take away unnecessary things for long enough, you will get back to the essence of driving. The Carice MK1 is elegant, stylish and at the same time uncomplicated. This delivers electric driving in it’s most pure and elementary form.


Because the Carice MK1 is available from 350 kg including battery pack, the car has exceptionally sporty handling. Moreover, power consumption is very low due to this weight. Therefore, the small motor brings a dynamic ride with a good range. Very compact, yet big enough!

– Time to forget about time –


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About us

Carice craftmanship

Build and designed by the people with a lifelong love of classic cars, the MK1 is made to resemble the playful and elegant looks of every car that you loved as a kid. This passion for cars translates into a high level of attention to detail and commitment to meet your needs.


Modern classic

From the eye-catching dashboard, the classically styled steering wheel to the matching upholstery: everything in a Carice MK1 is made to stand out in all its simplicity. With a Carice you don’t just own another car: you get something extraordinary!



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Best Customer Questions

When can I order my Carice MK1?

You can already order your Carice. If you are interested you can contact us directly or via the links on the website to book a test drive.

In what countries can I drive the Carice?

The Carice MK1 complies with the European regulations and can therefore be driven in all EU countries and countries that adopts those regulations.

What is the estimated delivery time?

At the moment we are making cars exclusively on order, as every car is configured differently. We can provide you with an estimation on the delivery time and you reserve a spot on the production list by placing an order.

What is the range of a Carice MK1

The standard range of the MK1 is about 250km, which can bring you to the most beautiful places. If you are worried about range you could also opt for the extended battery pack and dual chargers.

How can I configure my MK1?

There are a lot of options for you to choose between. Different colors, wheels, upholstery, accessories, battery pack, charging gear and so on. Contact us to learn what the options are.