We live in a time where electric driving is increasingly becoming the norm, but why does it seem like the essence of driving is being lost with electric cars? Why are the small pleasures that make driving enjoyable being automated? Is driving only fun when you hardly have to do anything because the system takes care of everything for you?

Host Jack from the Fully Charged Show proves the opposite in an exciting video about the Carice TC2. This electric car breaks with all prejudices about electric cars and offers a unique driving experience: “I know exactly what is going on through the road surface, even if I have my eyes closed, just through what I can feel through my hands and I can feel through my foot”.

In the video Jack takes you on a journey through the Carice TC2. It’s all about the essence of driving. “I have waited for this day for so long, and you know what? Everything I hoped it would be and more!”.

The TC2 brings you closer to the road than ever before, making every turn and every piece of asphalt tangible. It’s an experience that embraces the original joy of driving, free from distractions and filled with pure pleasure.

Do you want to see the full video? Click here and let yourself be convinced by the innovation and excitement that the Carice TC2 has to offer.

Are you curious about this unique driving experience? Contact us to schedule a test drive if you are interested in buying a TC2 and experience the joy of the Carice for yourself.